Prometheus' Streamer Channels

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Prometheus' Streamer Channels

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A new image highlights a well-known effect from a unique angle.

The tiny Saturnian moon Prometheus (85-100 kilometers across) creates so-called "streamer channels" as it weaves in and out of the F ring. This particular image was taken by the Cassini spacecraft approximately eight degrees above the ringplane and about 2.2 million kilometers away. Prometheus acts as a shepherd, keeping intact the edge of the F ring. It's widely assumed to be made of low-density, extremely porous material.

An mosaic from April 2005 actually shows the "gullying" of the F ring once every 14.7 hours. The region covered by the mosaic is 147,000 kilometers long.

The Voyager 1 team discovered Prometheus in October 1980.

New image: ... 5-full.jpg

Mosaic image:

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Re: Prometheus' Streamer Channels

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I am continually amazed at the beauty of the Saturnian system. It is so intricate; and is to me one of the most complex planet-moon systems to view. There is always something to take your breath away; and always something new to learn...
I think God did a masterpiece with that one!

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