Tips for Sighting Meteors

Seen any good fireballs lately?
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Tips for Sighting Meteors

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Prospective meteor spotters may take the following suggestions as a plan to increase the chance of seeing a streak, or even a fireball...

*All things being equal, the last half of the year is a more meteor-rich time for Northern Hemisphere citizens.
*After midnight is better during most nighttime periods to catch sporadic meteors or the meteors associated with a shower.
*Make sure you actually spend your time outside looking up. Even the slowest meteors are quite swift! Keep your eyes to the skies or you'll miss them.
*Keep white flashlights, white car lights, "leaked" light from homes and businesses, and the grayish light of your electronic device out of your eyes. If spotting from home, turn off your security lights. Dim your cell phone (or better yet, set it up to toggle to red light if possible).

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