Ancient Cluster Still Producing Stars

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Ancient Cluster Still Producing Stars

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Texas A&M Professor Kim-Vy Tran and her colleagues have discovered that the extremely distant star cluster CLG J02182-05102 produces at least hundred of new stars annually--maybe thousands.

Casey Papovich discovered the cluster in May. At that time he was quoted as saying, "We are seeing something already aged and red like a younger version of the Coma Cluster from a distant, bygone era." Galaxy clusters are the largest gravitationally-bound objects in the Universe.

A quite bizarre aspect of this discovery is that the star births are happening at a higher rate in the center than at the edges of the cluster. That's the opposite of what we observe in the local section of the Universe.

MIPS is a far-infrared photometer--an imaging camera, but for wavelengths of 24, 70 and 160 microns. MIPS can also perform simple spectroscopy.

Original Press Release:

More about Dr. Papovich:

May info on the Discovery:

More on MIPS: ... eter-MIPS-

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