"Pluto Noon" Illumination Images

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"Pluto Noon" Illumination Images

Post by Christopher K. » June 30th, 2015, 10:25 am

Following an idea from NASA, HRPO personnel encourage all who have the ability to take a picture outside matching the level of illumination Pluto currently receives at its "high noon". Here in Baton Rouge at least, we experience the illumination equivalent to a Pluto noon when the Sun is approximately a degree-and-a-half below the horizon.

Here are the upcoming Daylight times (to the day of New Horizons' closest approach) during which HRPO and the surrounding area experiences "Pluto noon"...
30 June to 5 July = 8:07pm to 8:21pm
6 July to 10 July = 8:06pm to 8:20pm
11 July = 8:05pm to 8:19pm

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