Having Autostar Problem

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Having Autostar Problem

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Please forgive me if this topic is already covered out here. I couldn't find the search function for this forum. I'm sure it's staring me in the face. Anyway....

My scope sat doing nothing for most of the last 7 years. It would be a long discussion but the short version is that I died in a motorcycle wreck back in 2013. Spent a month in a coma on a ventilator then spent most of a year learning to walk, talk and pee standing up. That last part is harder than you realize so don't holler at a toddler that sometimes misses the target. Anyway...

When I first got my Meade LX90 back out and hooked it up, the power wouldn't come on. Figuring it was something simple, I bought a new power card and installed it. Bingo! Power came on. Hooked up the 497 hand controller... Nothing. Hmmm... spent a lot of time fiddling with it and nothing. Figuring that I've got enough money invested in a fine scope that buying a new controller was a cheap risk. Got one. Hooked it up and the display lit up. Bingo! Well, I couldn't get Autostar Suite to talk to it and the controller didn't seem to be talking to my LX90. So, I did some more reading. Turns out I needed a Meade 505 cable to get my laptop to talk to it. Got one. I had forgotten how expensive this hobby could be. Anyway... There's a lot of those "anyways" going on. While I was waiting on the cable to come in, I had another couple of medical issues so a month goes by. I just went out and turned it on and nothing again. The old 497 controller appears dead and so does the new one.

Now I'm wondering if someone would be willing to hook my controllers up to their scope and see if either one works? If so, I would be happy to show up at the next meeting and introduce myself and give them the controllers. I would just have to remember to show up. I have memory issues now as a result of getting my head knocked around. My wife says I had problems before. I also have to remember to check this thread to see if anyone answers, so don't be insulted if you answer and it takes me a while to check.

I would include my phone number but right now I don't remember if that's against the rules. Well, silly me - it was easy enough to check that on another browser tab. I don't have a problem saying I can be reached at two-two-five-seven-one-five-four-six--three-eight. That should make it difficult for someone running a skimmer to pick up phone numbers on web pages.

Thanks. My name is Wesley.
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