The Moth Cluster (Melotte 232)

Globulars or Open, clusters of stars can be neat viewing.
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The Moth Cluster (Melotte 232)

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The Moth Cluster is a magnitude 6.3 open cluster in Vulpecula. It lies 6˚13' south-southwest of the K-class mag 2.5 star Gienah. The cluster's NGC designation is 6940, and it contains at least 100 stars. The Moth Cluster is part of Stephen James O'Meara's so-called "Ghost Hunt"--a collection of over 100 celestial objects suitable for Halloween viewing. That's tonight! The Moth Cluster is currently about sixty-six degrees up.

More information:

A exoplanet search team looking in the cluster's direction was coming up empty-handed...

A nice image from Dr. Alson Wong...

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