Comet Near Vega? (4 Dec 2019)

Celestial visitors from the edge of the Solar System.
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Comet Near Vega? (4 Dec 2019)

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The green smudge looks like a celestial object, and I can certainly understand a wayward smudge with film--but this isn't film. Still, there's no proof that it's a comet.

Judah S. sent the pic to Josh F. for comment.

I did a cursory glance of the Vega area with Starry Night Pro Plus; I see no nebula or cluster. I also see no comet listed; The Starry Night can update its comet listings via prompting. I also don't see a bright comet of the appropriate RA and Dec on Yoshida's list...

The picture in question... ... n9f727o0ar
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