Uranus and 44 Piscium

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Uranus and 44 Piscium

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For the past few nights Uranus has been quite close to a similiarly bright star in Pisces. The field of view of a 6" Dobsonian using a 25mm eyepiece highlights the two well; it shows the pair together while still giving a little bit of "play" on either side to track manually if necessary. Each night the two are farther apart; by 5 October they will be a half-degree separated.

44 Piscium is a class G star 600 light-years away. These are the times that 44 Piscium is highest in the Baton Rouge sky...
28 September = 1:00am
2 October = 12:45am

More information:
http://www.skyandtelescope.com/communit ... 80606.html
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