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Stance Against Daylight Time

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Right now, there is a bill moving through the Louisiana legislature that would require the state to switch to a year-round Daylight saving time if the Federal Government votes to allow it. The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society publicly opposes the adoption of year-round Daylight Time both statewide and across any combination of parishes. While we dislike the twice-annual time switch along with the majority of the world, we feel that the adoption of permanent Daylight Time is the wrong way to resolve this issue.

Daylight Time does not “save” Daylight, and its year-round use would extremely hinder the ability for astronomy hobby clubs to perform outreaches for schools, churches and the general public. Young children would be forced to stay up one extra hour to order to see any appreciable number of dark sky objects.

Daylight Time is Fake Time. It imposes a warped view of clock use and the concept of time on young people still attempting to grasp its passage and how it affects the human condition.

Many in the health field have warned that such a radical change in the clock does indeed negatively affect basic bodily rhythms which are intimately connected to real solar time.

The switch to a full-year daylight time would also increase the number of days that most people working 9-5 jobs would be required to show up to work before sunrise, which most people find disagreeable.

There is evidence to suggest that the push for year-round Daylight Time is initiated mainly by specific special interest groups and industries.

There is little evidence supporting the notion that air conditioning bills and heating bills are lowered. Climate-controlled buildings will control their internal climates regardless of how many people are inside or when they start their work days.

At present, changing to a permanent Daylight Time would require approval of the federal government. However, adoption of permanent Standard Time does not.

Please, consider contacting your representatives and tell them to vote against year-round Daylight Time. And if you feel that the twice a year time switch is too much, encourage them to instead support permanent Standard Time.

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Thank you.

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